Live Your Best Life


I’ve always wondered, how do you know if you’re living your best life? How do you define that for yourself?

Living your best life is a constant, revolving act of gratitude.

Living your best life is being thankful for the job you have. While it may not be your dream job, the steps we are taking to get there are built with intention. What would we do if we reached our dream job tomorrow? Would it have the same feel? Enjoy your career journey, choose to be present in it being very aware that there’s more opportunity to come.

Living your best life is being grateful for the people who have impacted your life. While we sometimes think of the people who left, we shouldn’t ponder for too long. Those that are worth pondering about are those that are still in your life because they made a choice to stay.

Living your best life is appreciating the money you currently have. Sure, there may not be much of it but it you can go to the cinema or you have enough money to travel to a loved ones or you can connect with them through a phone, this must not be taken for granted. I think complaining is a waste, we are so blessed. There is so much real struggle in the world and I’m grateful that I honestly don’t have to experience it.

A lot of people hold onto past experiences as a way to not move into their future. We can use upbringing and surroundings as a way to push us down or propel us up but you have to realise that it’s you who has the choice of which direction you go in.  Your past does not define you, it is not who are but simply what you have experienced. It’s vital that you see how different that is if you want to keep moving forward.

Every situation that reignites my past is one that allows me to be grateful for my present and where I’m heading. Living your best life is accepting your mistakes, it’s realising you aren’t alone in having faults. It’s choosing to get over the things that have caused you to question yourself and starting again every day.

Who we are today is not who we were a year ago or even a month ago. We must continuously allow ourselves to grow without weighing so much judgement of our future on our past actions. At times we do things we don’t recognise and we come out of character. You cannot use these out of character moments as a way to define yourself. It is not fair to you and who you know yourself to be. Every day is a new chance to start again so don’t keep looking back, just forward.

Live your best life and enjoy your weekend!