A Little Sleep A Little Slumber

I’ll be the first to say that waking up in the morning is my least favourite thing to do. Even after an afternoon nap I am still contemplating life and questioning whether I should risk it all for a lifetime of full-time laziness with me and my bed. There have been times where I haven’t even been tired but I have chosen to be idle out of choice. The irony in all of this is I still have so much to do so I am essentially being busy being lazy.


We come from a culture where hard work is admired and I think it should be. However, we also come from a culture of ‘team no sleep’ but I also think too much sleep needs to be part of the conversation. We are usually more willing to speak about how busy we are, how hard we are working and occasionally we use it as a symbol of importance. In the same breath, we can also talk about what shows we’ve watched and what other forms of entertainment we are indulging into. While there is nothing wrong with down time, we always have to be wary of the difference between allocated down time and time we are wasting being distracted. I was so close to trading in this allocated writing time to watch Love & Hip Hop but I questioned my priorities.


Unless we see the value in our life’s work, we will always face an uphill struggle when it comes to creating our own self-discipline. We have to start seeing the validity in the work we do while we continue to believe that our efforts won’t go in vain but it will add to the multitudes of our success. Of course, every day is not the same and it definitely isn’t easy but we have to make the time to appreciate our work and see the benefits of it. At times, I want to quit my job and then I really have to say, “So who is going to pay these bills Bola?”. At that point, I turn my thoughts around in the name of gratitude and appreciate things such as being able to help my mum every month or being able to save. I also feel the same thing with this blog at times and I think because I don’t actively try to make money from it, I start to devalue it but all our life’s work can’t be valued by monetary riches. The conversations I’ve had with some of you have made me far richer in understanding and womanhood and there really isn’t a price that can be put on that. (That was my way of saying thank you for supporting me and sharing with me.)


The best way we can move away from lethargic behaviour is realising that we all have a purpose but we must acknowledge that that purpose can’t be derived from shying away from work. So I hope today, we both do what we can to complete our goals and realise the significance of our life’s work.


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