Chasing Status

What I’ve noticed social media has done is make it look like everyone has to have a visible status in order to be acknowledged or recognised. What is so quickly forgotten is that we were all somebody’s before social media began and we will continue to be important people if it ever slows down. There are so many people who do amazing things in their life and nobody knows about it. Maybe that is true for you but regardless of the audience you have, it is still very valid.

Building a presence online for any purpose always comes with a lot of caution. The person that is hot today can be forgotten tomorrow so I always think twice before I decide to compare my journey to anyone else’s because the tables online can turn so fast. One minute the internet is on your side and the next it is talking about you or worse yet, laughing at you. Ironically, life can feel like that towards us at times. While many people have built wonderful careers through the use of YouTube, Instagram and more we have to realise that there are lows that come with every high. A good example is a no good ex-partner deciding that now is a good time to say you’ve dated and try to shame you because you now have some form of status. Believe me, it happens, I’ve heard it.

Whether what you’re doing is online or offline, everyone still has a role to play and the magnitude of each person’s work can’t be assessed by their online presence. We have to create our own platforms that are purpose driven rather than letting the world put us on a pedestal because of beauty, body and ‘likes’. We can’t get marinated in the hype created around us online and forget the importance of creating our best work in life. In everything, it’s more important to chase purpose than chasing status.